Lab retreat '08

The Allshire Lab Retreat was held from June 10-14 2008 in Touvent, La Charente, France.
Jet2 flew us from Edinburgh to La Rochelle, a seaport on the Bay of Biscay (A). From there we drove three cars down to a lovely mansion 'maison de maître' called Touvent [(B) formerly the childhood home of François Mitterrand] which is approximately 3 kms from both St Severin, and Aubeterre - the 'jewel of the Charente' overlooking the River Dronne.  


Present were Ricardo Almeida (former lab memeber; currently Mike Tyers Lab), Elizabeth Bayne, Dominika Bijos, Eun Shik Choi, Edward Dobbs, Diego Folco, Georgina Hamilton, Maria Kalantzaki, Erwan Lejeune, Babett Müller, Alison Pidoux, Femke Simmer, & Sarah Trewick.  
We were fortunate to have Eric Richards join us from St. Louis USA as chief devil's advocate.
Unfortunately Alessia Buscaino, Araceli Castillo, Alexander Kagansky, Isabelle Kos, Sharon White, were unable to join us this time.

Good food, good wine, good recreation, ok weather =    
                                                                      good science and many good ideas!